Wednesday, April 20, 2005

SPELL CHECK, or 'the beauty of poor grammar'.

I've begun the tedious task of archiving my journals in light of the resent TOS epidemic that is sweeping through J-land.  I'm cutting and pasting my entries onto Word, which unlike AOL Journals has a built in spell check.  Oh buddy!  My entries are lit up like a Christmas tree!  There are red and green squiggly lines all over the pages!  I can't possibly be that bad!  Heck, it looks that the spell check just gave up and underlined everything, changing color for a little variety.  It would almost be pretty if it wasn't so embarassing!

Friday, April 15, 2005

SYMPTOMS OF A BLOGGING ADDICTION (repost from June 10, 2004)

* You check your journal more than 10 times a day, or even 10 times an hour

* You have more Journal Comment Alerts in your mailbox than spam

*  Your best friends have screen names and URLs instead of real names and street addresses.

*  You log down the number on your hit counter before you sign off at night and check it first thing in the morning.  You record these numbers for future reference.

*  You have actually been late for work because you were reading your favorite journals.

*  You family has to leave a comment on your journal to get your attention.

*  You turn the volume up when you walk away from the computer so you can hear when the alert alarm sounds.

*  You beg strangers to read yours if you'll read theirs!

*  Being the #1 Editor's Pick is more important to you then winning a Pulitzer Prize.

These are just a few of the many symptoms of Blogaholism.  It is an incurable disease and can only be treated by steady doses of blogging.  So Blog on my friends!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


How many bloggers can relate to this:

   You're sitting at the computer and your spouse comes up behind you, requesting your attention.  Without looking up you mumble 'in a second' as you continue to pound the keys or navigate the search engine.  A huff, the unmistakable sound of impatience, but you are too close to your goal and you repeat...'in a second, this is really important'.

"Oh, are you doing the taxes?" comes a surprised query or some equally inane comment.  By this time you are agitated and you turn in your swivel seat.

"No, I am updating my journal!" and with a roll of your eyes and a toss of your head you turn dramatically and return to your mission at hand.  There is a disgusted grunt behind you but you pay no attention to it.  You have journals to read, comments to make.  The life of a blogger is relentless.

If this senerio sounds familiar to you, then you have a problem.  And denial is an even bigger problem.  My advice to take action immediately.  Time is of the essence.  To delay will merely compound the problem.  The solution... move your computer to a private room and lock yourself in!  No more inconvenient interruptions!  It is about time the rest of the world took blogging seriously!