Tuesday, September 28, 2004

An IM to my son Zack.

 Dornbrau [3:56 PM]:  do you want to switch computers?  Rocky's down here and her feet are making my eyes water.
DraklingLoW [3:56 PM]:  Saying it like that... no
Dornbrau [3:57 PM]:  Okay, no problem.  I'll just send her upstairs.
Dornbrau [3:57 PM]:  :-P
DraklingLoW signed off at 3:57 PM

Saturday, September 25, 2004



Its funny how my husband used to accuse me of being a 'computer geek' because I wrote on message boards.... but look at him now... he's got a government issued pocket protector and a laptop that he carries around like a purse!  He flashes his hard drive and ram around like a business card, and falls for every ergonomic scam there is.  So, go ahead, call me a nerd....  "It takes one to know one!" .

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

TESTIMONIAL (there is no hope for me!)

I don't jog, I blog.  Besides, there's an extra letter there, that should account for something!

I don't laugh, I  LOL!  Got to admit, its not as loud or annoying!

I don't talk, I type.  Its faster, and nobody makes fun of my pronounciation, just my spelling.

I don't window shop, I surf.  I don't get tired, and there are no obnoxious sales people shadowing me like a lost puppy.

I don't mingle, I chat!  And if I don't like someone, I ignore!

I don't have a street address, I have a web address.  Its not rural, it URL.

I don't have a first name, just a screen name.  I don't remember my last name, does it end with .com?

I have more passwords than James Bond, and I have more email accounts than Bill Gates.  Who needs a car to drive when you have a 40 GB hard drive?

My name is Dorn, and I am a blogging addict.

Thursday, September 9, 2004


I was in a chatroom earlier with several other bloggers, talking about the day and the weather... and someone popped in, a spammer, with a message "For Instant Sexual Stress Relief Click Here".  Well, I clicked and I clicked and nothing! No sexual stress relieve.  It was suggested that maybe I had broken the clicker on my mouse, but now I'm wondering, was I supposed to be sitting on the mouse when I was clicking?


 Dornbrau [6:01 PM]:  Guess what buddy, its that time again...
Nativesnowfoot [6:01 PM]: 
Dornbrau [6:02 PM]: 
Sorry.... you know the rules.
Nativesnowfoot [6:02 PM]: 
i have just suffered amnizea .. cant remember squat
Dornbrau [6:03 PM]: 
I see you've forgotten how to spell 'amnesia'
Nativesnowfoot [6:03 PM]: 
see .... i have suffered amnesia
Dornbrau [6:03 PM]: 
Anyhow, let me refresh your memory... its 6:00 pm, time to get off the computer and get started on your homework.
Dornbrau [6:04 PM]: 
Good, your memory is coming back.  Now get off!
Nativesnowfoot [6:04 PM]: 
what if i have no homework
Dornbrau [6:04 PM]: 
Do your sister's home work, I don't care, just do some homework!
Dornbrau [6:04 PM]: 
You're in high school, theres always homework in high school.
Nativesnowfoot [6:04 PM]: 
Nativesnowfoot [6:05 PM]: 
not today or the other days
Nativesnowfoot [6:05 PM]: 
u know there is a such thing as an acces peiod
Dornbrau [6:05 PM]: 
You could always wash some dishes  :-)
Nativesnowfoot [6:05 PM]: 
to bad
Nativesnowfoot [6:05 PM]: 
it'll have a cost to it mom
Dornbrau [6:05 PM]: 
Does that mean you're going to bring home A's this quarter?
Nativesnowfoot [6:06 PM]: 
Nativesnowfoot [6:06 PM]: 
Dornbrau [6:06 PM]: 
I'll believe that when I see it.  Now, shut down and get off.
Dornbrau [6:07 PM]: 
You have exactly 30 seconds.... I'll be upstairs by then.
Dornbrau [6:07 PM]: 
i like chicken
Dornbrau [6:07 PM]: 
bye bye
Nativesnowfoot [6:08 PM]: 
Dornbrau [6:08 PM]: 
Here I come...
Nativesnowfoot [6:08 PM]: 
no no no no no no no no
Nativesnowfoot signed off at 6:09 PM

Tuesday, September 7, 2004


 Dornbrau [7:10 PM]:  Times up buddy!
Nativesnowfoot [7:10 PM]: 
Nativesnowfoot [7:11 PM]: 
Dornbrau [7:11 PM]: 
Nope!  Now go do your homework!  :-D
Nativesnowfoot [7:11 PM]: 
i haf no home work though
Nativesnowfoot [7:11 PM]: 
this helps my practice typing
Dornbrau [7:12 PM]: 
Then do your sister's homework, but get off the computer!
Nativesnowfoot [7:12 PM]: 
Dornbrau [7:13 PM]: 
If you aren't off by the time I get upstairs you've lost tomorrow's turn.
Dornbrau [7:13 PM]: 
I'm standing up right now.... here I come!
Nativesnowfoot signed off at 7:14 PM

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Morning routine

I just got out of the shower and I should be fixing my hair, but instead I'm sitting at the computer reading up on my favorite journals.  No doubt I will be rushing out of the house with my hair still down, barely squeeking in to work to beat the time clock.  Thats okay, folks at work actually like when I leave my hair down and suggest that I wear it down more often.  Okay.  Not a problem.  That means I can spend a little more time on the computer without feeling guilty.  After all, they WANT me to let my hair loose.  And you know me, always happy to oblige.  Life should always be this accomodating.