Monday, November 17, 2008


What a life, sitting in front of a computer making up words for the 'word verification' test. Have you ever really looked at the words? There is probably some disgruntled illegal alien from Pluto; who is mad because Earth downgraded Pluto from a planet to a star; typing up those seemingly meaningless words which are actually some kind of intergalactic communication that will bring on the 405th Galactic War of 2008. (Most attacks are mistaken as meteor showers or falling space trash and either burn up upon entry into the Earth's atmosphere or fall harmlessly into the ocean.)
But yeah, I want that job, just sitting in a little room, typing up nonsensical words and pretending that they have some intelligent meaning. And, sometimes when I'm feeling dangerous, I'll throw in an upper case... or maybe a number that looks like a letter, just to throw off those sneaky spammers, and really screw with those people who don't do well with tests and can never pass the word verification test the first time 'round. (like myself! grrrrrrrrrr!)
Yeah, I want that job!

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